The gallery is set up to add any additional prints to your order and also to share with your loved ones. You are already receiving the Under the Lights package, which includes (1) 10x13 team photo print and (1) 5x7 individual pose photo print of your child facing the camera. THERE WILL BE NO SUBSTITUTIONS FOR THE INDIVIDUAL POSE. See the example below for clarification. All edited images are final and no more editing will be done.


Under the Lights Package

(1) 10x13 Team Photo

(1) 5x7 individual pose of your player facing the camera

How to order

All orders must be submitted by 12/06. After this date, the gallery will no longer be available

Step 1 : Copy Paste the following to your personal email and send it to

San Diego Soccer Club

Name: ______________ Cell# ________________

Print # _____ Size _____ Quantity _____

Print # _____ Size _____ Quantity _____

Total Due $ _______________

Step 2 : I will reply to your email with a PayPal link invoice. Once you pay the invoice, you have successfully submitted your order.

Step 3 : All prints will be delivered to Sandy Pembleton by 12/14/2018 for her to pass out to the team.


4 Wallet Size Prints - $8.00

5x7 Print- $8.00

8x10 Print - $12

10x13 Print - $16

16x20 Print - $35

Individual Pose High Resolution Digital Image - $55.00 each

Team High Resolution Digital Image - $95.00 each